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Switzerland and Gold make all the difference...

Gold Hawgs cryptocurrency uses all the latest technology started by Bitcoin. In fact, our platform is built on the Bitcoin platform, and then several layers of improvement were added. What makes us unique is that we have nearly completed our registration process with one of the most pro-cryptocurrency countries, Switzerland, and we offer our AuH Token holders the choice to swap their tokens for shares of an enterprise company which owns Swiss vaulted gold and properties with geologically measured gold.

Offering, Rewards, Helpful ideas & FAQs

Gold Hawgs - Breakdown


Below are the various instructions to help the Do-It-Yourself person become a Gold Hawg.

Buying and Sending Bitcoin

Watch This Video to understand how to buy and send Bitcoin.


Do you place high value on your time and the skills of others? Hire us to setup your Gold Hawgs wallet. 

Setting Up A Gold Hawgs Staking Wallet

For only 0.01 BTC, we will:
-Setup a cloud based server account with static ip address
-Windows Operating system with additional security protocols
-Install your Gold Hawgs Wallet

Setting Up A Gold Hawgs Masternoding Wallet

For only 0.015 BTC, we will:
-Setup a cloud based server account with static ip address
-Windows Operating system with additional security protocols
-Install your Gold Hawgs Wallet
-Configure your Gold Hawgs Wallet to Masternode
-Create a backup for your Wallet and Server

AuH Offering

Gold Hawgs is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency, with many novel features most other cryptocurrencies don’t offer. Anonymized transactions using coin mixing technology, called Obfuscation; Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, called LightX;  Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide the above features, with each Masternode secured by collateral of 5K AUH.

  • Starting Time :

  • Ending Time :

  • Soft cap :

  • Hard cap :

  • Token :

  • Exchange Rate :

  • Max Supply :

  • 01 FEB 2020

  • 31 MAR 2020 (Anywhere in the world)

  • 2 Million AuH

  • 10 Million AuH

  • AuH

  • $10 = 1 AuH

  • 200,000,000 AUH


Gold Hawgs Token (symbol AUH) creates rewards through Proof of Staking (PoS).  This form of confirming transactions uses substantially less energy and hardware than creating rewards through Proof of Work (PoW).  PoW is used by first generation cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.  Ether (formerly known as Ethereum) has embraced second generation technology by transitioning to PoS.  The issue facing tokens that use POW is the need to compete by increasing users processing power to capture more rewards.  This competition causes greater and greater amounts of energy consumption by those high processing computers (ASIC or GPU).

Masternoding Rewards

70% of All AuH Rewards go to those you configure 5,000 AuH Tokens to masternode in their AuH Wallets. When you do this, you will receive mintd Masternoding Rewards or addtional AuH Tokens. This is how you generate the most rewards.

Staking Rewards

30% of All AuH Rewards go to those who simply hold their tokens in their AuH Wallets. When you do this, you will receive minted Staking Rewards or additional AuH Tokens.


Use of AuH Rewards Calculator below to Simulate Returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who gets to swap their Gold Hawgs tokens for the Enterprise Company Shares first?

The Enterprise Company will offer an invitation to those who joined our journey first and those who came in last. Therefore, the Pioneer will be offered the opportunity to swap first, then the Early Subscribers, then the Websales Purcharsed and lastly, those who purchased Gold Hawgs token on an exchange.

Question Two

To be added.

Question Three

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Question Four

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