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Honest money builds empires and Currencies bring them down

Our current monetary system is not based on sound money.  While it is durable, portable, divisible, uniform and acceptable, it is not limited.  Democratic politicians have long used unethical means in order to be re-elected.  In example, they may pay for what the voters want by devaluing the currency or asking a central bank to do so through issuing IOU's or debt, that the central banks buy through creating more currency supply out of thin air.  In order to do this, the 5th characteristic of sound money (Limited) is absent.  Unfortunately, this leads to unsound money and the collapse of the 6th characteristic (Acceptable).  If money is not sound, people won't use it.  This is called the death of unsound/unstable money.  Death could look like hyperinflation, like we are seeing in Venezuela, Turkey or Iran. Historically, we’ve also seen this phenomenon in Britain, Russia, France, Germany, etc..  So why do countries use fiat currencies that are not supported by sound money principles?  Good question, go find the answer!

All fiat currencies have failed, are in the process of failing, or will fail. They all started as gold-backed, receipts of sound money, but that has not been the case since 1971. Our founding fathers said NOT to use paper currencies, but rather gold and silver coin. Do you want to hold a digit on a computer screen or a piece of paper with ink on it (these items have an intrinsic value of zero), or would you rather have something that will store the market value of your labor? Gold Hawgs crypto currency embraces all 6 characteristics of sound money and will perform well as the rest fail.


Security & Privacy


The Zerocash (Zerocoin) protocol uses proven, secure cryptographic techniques to ensure that coins cannot be traced. These techniques allow users to conduct transactions on the Bitcoin (BTC) network while receiving a strong mathematical guarantee that the transactions cannot be traced.These guarantees remain in place even if a portion of the BTC network is compromised by an attacker.


A masternode is a special, decentralized server that carries out a number of functions on the block chain network such as instant sending, and coin mixing to add privacy of transactions in the network. They help achieve true decentralization,meaning they facilitate a decentralized management and administration of the distributed network, such that the network will not favor any country, geography, company or person because those running masternodes have additional responsibilities such as voting on development matters and issues.

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