Earn MORe Rewards with AUH

AuH Incentives

With a name like Gold Hawgs CryptoCurrency, you may think that we want to
keep everything to ourselves, but we do have a sharing side.
(See Our Incentives Below)

Referral BOUNTY


of referred's Tokens

  • When someone you refer buys
    1,000 AuH Tokens or more,
    you receive 50 or more AuH Tokens.
    Just have them enter your
    e-mail or AuH Token receving address
    and we will send you
    your bounty once
    they have completed their order.

Early Bird Rewards


Ordered before websales

  • Place your order before January 1st
    and you will be placed
    in front of the line.
    Complete your order when
    Websales open and you will receive
    an additional 5 AuH Tokens
    or more when you purchase 100 or more tokens.

Masternode Discount


Waived transaction fee

  • When you buy 5,000 AuH Tokens
    we will waive your transaction fee
    and offer to setup your
    masternoding wallet
    without charge. This incentive
    coupled with the other 3, can
    allow you to maximize your
    purchasing power.

Current PRice discount



  • When you place your order
    before February 1st, 2020 you
    position yourself to receive
    our best offered price.
    On February 1st our
    price increases $30 per AuH Token.

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